rye whiskey

New Whiskeys Have Arrived

The Grill House bar isn't just about craft beer. Did you know we currently offer 18 whiskeys? We've curated our list, after enjoying a few tastings, to feature a combination of favorites, locals and some that are hard to find. In fact, our newest three whiskeys speak directly to that.


Redwood Empire is a true American whiskey that comes from our friends in the North Bay at Graton Distillery. This whiskey a blend of eleven-year, five-year and four-year-old bourbons mixed with three and two-year-old rye for a complex yet smooth tasting whiskey.

Redwood Empire joins the list of our local whiskeys, including Old Potrero's Single Malt Rye and 18th Century-style Rye out of San Francisco, and Lost Republic's Straight Bourbon from Healdsburg.


Blended in Park City, Utah, Double Rye! is an unusual shotgun marriage of two rye whiskies from two different distilleries back east, combining a feisty high rye 2-year-old and a saddle smooth 16-year-old.

If you're into rye whiskey, we also have Bulleit, Jack Daniel's, Templeton and Redemption rye whiskeys.


Aged 11 years, this rye whiskey was previously only found in Kentucky - until this year when it was released to a select few states. Part of a small batch of only 7,000 bottles, this highly sought after rye features a very floral nose and an easy to enjoy flavor that is meant to be sipped.