The Grill House Fourth Anniversary & Customer Appreciation Week

Come celebrate our fourth anniversary as we roll out specials all week to give thanks to everyone who helped us make it this far. To find out more about The Grill House story and see pictures of how we came to be, continue reading below, or just come in and ask us.

Customer Appreciation Week:

  • Monday, August 6th: All-Day Happy Hour - Open to Close. $2 off all appetizers, craft beers, house cocktails and wine.
  • Tuesday, August 7th: πŸΊ Anniversary day and beer release. $2.00 Taco Tuesday - We're dropping it back to the original price.
  • Wednesday, August 8th: Something great
  • Thursday, August 9th: Any burger and any beer - $15. +3 for Giant Burger
  • Friday, August 10th: Something great
  • Saturday, August 11th: Something great
  • Sunday, August 12th: Something great

🍺Beer Release Day

Join us as we commemorate our anniversary with our annual release of a custom brewed beer on Tuesday, August 7th. This time we partnered with Benoit-Casper Brewing out of Richmond to brew our hazy pale ale called The Good Ole Dhaze. Featuring Citra, Idaho 7 and Mosaic hops, this pale ale features a generous dry hop and clean malt bill that accentuates the hops flavor. Only available for a limited time, be sure to stop by and chat us up over a pint.

The Grill House Coming To Life In Pictures

Four Years & Counting...

The idea for The Grill House came pretty much the same way everything came for us brothers. Arguing over everything we wanted and finally having mom step in and force a compromise. We realized two things in those early meetings - we wanted to do a grill-based concept and we wanted to name it after our mom, Ms. House (a Woodside High history teacher).

Sourcing local is something we both agreed upon immediately. Having grown up just 20 miles south of Redwood Shores, we both understood the importance and the abundance of local, fresh, quality products. And having a passion for both food and drinking, we choose to use quality, local products in both the kitchen and the bar – because it sucks to have to eat a nice meal while drinking a bad beer.

Once we had an idea, we had to find a location. Whether you want to call it luck, chance or an exhaustive search of the entire Bay Area which included being rejected before even viewing a property, having calls not returned and combing through nearly 100 locations, we came across this gem. Well, gem that just needed a little polish.

We signed the lease February 28, 2014 and were under construction that night, doing as much of the work as possible with our own hands and the help of our family. By July 22, 2014, we had finally received approval from the ABC, the health department and the city to open.

Looking back, that first night was difficult, but one we shared with our friends and family who had no room to complain since they were eating for free. By August 7, things were running a little more smoothly and we had our grand opening. What started with phone calls and emails in 2012 finally became a reality for our family. We thank you for being a part.

Over the last four years we have been honored to serve up a number of our specialties, but who's really counting:

  • 140,195 beers 🍺
  • 99,664 chicken wings πŸ—
  • 59,748 burgers πŸ”
  • 36,792 glasses of wine 🍷
  • 34,081 salads πŸ₯—
  • 33,570 ounces...ish of vodka πŸ₯ƒ
  • 18,972 ounces...ish of whiskey πŸ₯ƒ
  • 17,020 iced teas πŸ₯€
  • 11,993 kids meals 🌭
  • 7,260 steaks πŸ₯©
  • 7,155 orders of ribs πŸ–
  • 3,783 skillet cookies πŸͺ
  • 2,198 Bloody Marys πŸ₯€